Guaranteed first-class hygiene, 24/7

     CLEANTiN offers a faster, easier, and more affordable
strategy for your organization to secure and maintain a 
top hygiene status all year round.

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Discover the future of hygiene management

 CLEANTiN is a cloud-based web and mobile platform that gives your organization
the support it needs to eliminate poor hygiene ratings.

Discover an easier way to:

  • Set hygiene goals.
  • Conduct hygiene site surveys.
  • Plan, manage, audit, report & analyse in-house Cleaning & Hygiene operations.
  • Plan, manage, audit, report & analyse Food Safety & Hygiene operations.
  • Manage internal Risk, Health & Safety operations.
  • Reduce environmental impacts.
  • Reduce the impact of contamination & infection. 
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Get a complete hygiene management platform

Use CLEANTiN’s built-in quality control features and metrics to transform your
organization into a quality-driven operation.




Data Trend Analysis

Cloud & 

Site Survey


Policies, Procedures & Documents





Compliance, Risk, 
Health & Safety


Hygiene goals

Templates &

Notifications &



access levels

Get ahead of the curve

Be audit-ready - save re-work makes it easy for businesses to comply and be in a constant audit-ready state 24/7, all year-round. 

  • Track the real-time hygiene status of your premises and respond fast.
  • Quickly identify issues and mitigate potential hygiene events in a timely way, before they cause problems 

Start improving your hygiene for FREE
...and get a massive discount!

You can start the CLEANTiN Beta for free until 29 October 2021.
We’ll also give you a 75% discount for your first year’s subscription, to say thanks for participating in the CLEANTiN Beta.

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Is the beta testing free?

It’s absolutely FREE.

Which businesses sectors does the Beta support?

Our software supports a growing number of businesses across numerous sectors. So, we welcome testers from (but not limited to):

  • Catering & Hospitality
  • Food Products & Services
  • Leisure & Entertainment
  • Gym & Sport
  • Facilities Management (FM)
  • Construction Companies & Offices
  • Automotive & Travels
  • Salon & Beauty Therapist
  • Education Establishments
  • Retail & Wholesale
  • Medical Centres & Hospitals
  • Vets
  • Clinics & GPs
  • Healthcare Supplies
  • Media & Advertising
  • Technology Companies
  • Legal Service Companies
  • Financial Service & Consultant Companies
  • Charity Organisations
  • Property Agent Companies
  • Worship Centres
  • Event Centres
How can I join or leave the beta program?

Simply click 'Get Started' on the home page to participate. You can leave at any time.

How do I submit bugs and feedback?

We encourage you to participate and give us your valuable feedback. This will enable you to have responsive software that best serves you. We’ll contact you for feedback. You can also send any issues to

How long will the beta testing program last?

Testing will last for 6 weeks. (Until 29 October 2021).

What happens after the beta testing program ends?

You can continue using CLEANTiN - with a 75% discount on the first year’s subscription fee, to say ‘thank you’ for participating.

Will CLEANTiN demand a lot of my time?

CLEANTiN is designed with speed in mind. No function requires more than two clicks, and it’s easy to both understand and use.

How frequently will I receive notifications and tasks?


Will I enjoy free feature exploration?

Yes, all Beta testers will enjoy free access to every CLEANTiN feature.

Can I share my CLEANTiN experiences on social media?

No, this is a closed Beta and we kindly ask you not to share any content on social media.

People care about whether you care for the planet

     Use CLEANTiN in Your Business 'N Easily Make 
 on people’s lives and the environment.

Let’s Reduce
Toxic Air
Pollution in
Our City.

Let’s Reduce
Plastic Waste
Pollution in
Our City.

Let’s Reduce
Poor In-Door
Air Quality.

Let’s Reduce The
Spread of
Diseases and

Let’s Reduce

Let’s Reduce
Paper Waste.

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